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Climbing Toys For Toddlers

Climbing Toys For Toddlers
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It’s important to keep your kids active. One of the best ways to help your little ones stretch their legs and burn off energy is with climbing toys. From cool monkey bars to their very own treehouse, climbing toys get your kids moving. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, these toys are ideal for kids on the go. Limi Kids has the best selection of toddler climbing toys that let your child explore their imagination.

Here are our picks for the 14 best toddler climbing toys and jungle gyms.

Olympian Indoor Playset

Do you have a future gymnast in your house? The Olympian Indoor playset is ideal for learning to spin and swing. Featuring a ladder, horizontal bars, and gymnastic rings, this set is designed to let kids try all their favourite Olympic moves.

Teenage Dream Indoor Jungle Gym

Indoor gyms are all the rage, and teenagers are no exception. This strength-building climbing gym is perfect for young people who are looking to improve their performance on the sports field. Horizontal and parallel bars offer a true in-home gym experience without having to pay for a membership.

Comet Indoor Playset

Kids will love the Comet 2 indoor playset for toddlers. Packed full of activity to keep them busy, this set includes a ladder and rope ladder as well as horizontal bars, trapeze, and gymnastic rings. Perfect for small spaces, this playset is easy to install and can hold a weight of up to 220lbs. It’s the perfect energy-burning indoor jungle gym for toddlers.

Mercury Indoor Playset

The perfect addition to the Comet 2, the Mercury toddler climbing gym allows your kids to go even further with everything they need to reach for the stars. This expansion set includes a ladder and rope ladder, a horizontal bar with pull-up grips designed for bigger kids, (for the big kid in the house), a trapeze, and gymnastic rings. This indoor jungle gym will keep your kids busy for hours.

Saturn Indoor Playset

The Saturn indoor playset is an action-packed collection of ladders, ropes, and monkey bars that will get your kids off the digital device and onto this colourful playset. This set is filled with challenges designed to build strength and bravery. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor fun, this playset will have your kids turning off the tv and asking ‘can we go outside and play?

Neptune Indoor Playset

Do you find your kids climbing the walls on a rainy day? The Neptune indoor playset for toddlers lets them do it for real with countless ways to enjoy the rope walls and ladders and help them burn energy. This toddler playset easily attaches to the Comet 2 making it a great expansion pack as your kids grow and look for new and exciting playset challenges.

Jupiter Indoor Playset

Your kids will blast off when they see the Jupiter indoor playset. Packed with fun and challenging activities, this toddler playset features new and fun ways to climb, crawl and reach for the stars including a spider net, monkey bars, a rope ladder, a pair of and gymnastics rings. A great way to enjoy an action-packed afternoon at home.


Pegasus Indoor Playset

Your kids will spend hours on the Pegasus indoor playset. Designed for maximum enjoyment, this set is one of our most popular indoor climbing toys for children. Monkey bars, rope ladders, and gymnastic rings will keep your kids busy for hours with limitless activities that fit into even the smallest of play areas. This set can easily be expanded with our chin-up bars and large rope wall.

Play Couch

This play couch is not designed for sitting still. Kids will love exploring their imagination as they use the couch as a base for their jungle gym or as a space to read after building a fort. The removable foam cushions let kids take their imagination on the go and parents will love how simple it is to keep clean. The durable covers are easily removed for cleaning. The perfect spot for rest and play.

Didactic Turtle

Little minds will love this fun and interactive turtle designed to get kids thinking. Featuring a variety of activities that encourage problem-solving and tactile play. Bold shapes and colours keep kids engaged and looking for new ways to move pieces around. Unlike the tortoise and the hare, this turtle will keep your kids in the learning fast lane.


Your kids will have smiles as bright as the sun with this entertaining and interactive toy. Filled with tasks to keep little minds busy, the Sun is the perfect addition to any toddler playroom. Kids will get great real-world challenges like tying bows, fastening snaps, and lacing up shoes. A true ray of playful sunshine for your child.

Rope Ladder

Designed to let kids hang loose, the rope ladder is a fun way to teach children how to explore and climb. Paired with one of the amazing Limi Kids playsets or used on its own, the rope ladder lets kids stretch their legs and their imaginations as they climb.

Spider Net

There is nothing creepy about this climbing toy for toddlers. Kids will love burning energy on the lightweight and easy to climb Spider Net. Add to an existing playset or use on its own. The Spider Net is small enough to easily fit into any playroom and offers hours of entertainment and fun.

Climbing Rope

Kids will discover their strength and confidence with the durable and action-packed Climbing Rope. Stretching 8 feet, kids can safely learn how to pull themselves up using their hands and feet as they reach the summit of their favourtite new climbing toy.

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