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How do you spend your breaks?

Sometimes it's nice to go out for a walk or meet up with friends but more often than not it's nice to take time for yourself and relax. This is just the perfect section for that! The play couches and other soft toys are very versatile for safety, exercise, or just to chill with your friends 😃 Build whatever you desire and challenge how far your imagination will take you ✨ Additionally there's a couple characters to choose from for your little kiddos!

All-Season, All Weather Play

Finally, a great way to keep your kids active and happy on rainy days, snowy days, and days when it’s just too hot to play outside.

Too Much Screen Time? Find Out How You Can Minimize It

We know what it’s like to It’s getting harder and harder to get kids off the couch and off their phone. It can be frustrating, even at the best of times! Well, you won’t have to beg, plead or worry about tantrums anymore - kids are excited to climb, swing, and more!

A Solution For Every Space

LimiKids playsets are designed to fit, whether it’s a full basement or a tiny playroom. Limited ceiling height? Our shorter Basement Models are specially designed for lower ceilings, fitting ceilings as low as 7’ (2.14m)

Rugged and Reliable

No play is too rough for these indoor playsets. All of our playsets are designed, engineered, and manufactured for reliable construction and performance. With proper installation, playsets can carry children up to 220lbs (100kg)

Reliable Service

All of our playsets are shipped with tracking and insurance. Have any questions about our playsets, or your order? Give us a call toll free : 1(888)645-1337 : 1(888)645-1337

Or ask us any questions in the chat at the bottom of your screen on the right

Play Couch

$ 312.00 USD

Tic Tac Toe

$ 115.00 USD
Didactic Turtle

Didactic Turtle

$ 139.00 USD


$ 139.00 USD

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