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Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges, Lost and Damaged Packages

What is your policy for return?

An item can be returned to the store with the following conditions applied:

  • Within two weeks from the day it's been delivered
  • A return shipping cost will be covered by a purchaser
  • A minimum insurance of the original cost of the set to be purchased upon the shipping the item back
  • Original undamaged package to be used

We are happy to accept your return. However your returned item will be available for sale for new happy buyers who will enjoy undamaged and new set

What is your policy for refund?

Refunds can be available if:

  • The package wasn't delivered and returned to us by a carrier
  • The item has not been shipped yet
  • You returned the package by following all the conditions from return policy above

What is your policy for exchange?

If you have received an item that is not as per your order we will ship you your order once we have received from you the original item in the original undamaged packing. We will cover the shipping cost. However a notification about an incorrect shipping to be received within two weeks from the date the package was delivered

If you have changed mind and decided to order another model we will ship you a new model if the original item hasn't been shipped yet. If a new model is more expensive it will be shipped after the invoice to cover the difference is fully paid. It applies only if a new model is in stock

What is your policy for damaged parts?

If a part of your item has been delivered damaged or broken and you alerted about it within two week from the date you have received your order we will ship you the replacement if it's in stock or will have our manufacture to ship it directly to you

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