Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the regular model and the basement model?

The regular model is for a ceiling height between 7 ft 8 in - 9 ft 8 in 
The basement model is for a ceiling height between 6 ft 9 in - 8 ft 9 in 
If your ceiling height is 8 ft and up, we recommend getting the regular model. However since 8 ft is a very universal ceiling height and both versions perfectly fit for it, you can choose any of these two options.

Do I need gym mats?

Yes, we recommend getting gym mats for safety purposes.
For the model Comet, we recommend getting at least 2 bi-fold mats,
For the model Pegasus, we recommend 1 tri-fold and 2 bi-fold mats,
and for models Jupiter and Saturn, we recommend 2 tri-fold mat, and 2 bi-fold mats 

What are the dimensions of the gym models?

The dimensions of all the gym models can be viewed in our catalog here

Do you have warranty?

Yes, we have a 1 year warranty.

Are the monkey bars adjustable on Pegasus, Jupiter, and Saturn?

Yes, the monkey bars on all the models can be fully adjusted either lower or higher to suit your child

Can model Comet be upgraded to model Pegasus?

Yes, model Comet can be upgraded to include the functionality of model Pegasus, or even Saturn or Jupiter Plus. You can achieve it by purchasing either the Monkeybars Extension or Monkeybars Extension with Net

How are the gyms installed?

They are installed between the ceiling and floor with pressure, no need to drill or make holes in order to install it. 
If your ceiling is made of drywall, then you need to get a plywood board from Home Depot, for instance, and install it where the gym is attached to the ceiling. Once the gym is in placed this board has to be secured to the ceiling studs with wood screws.
Here are some links where you can order this board: 
 - for our Canadians customers in the Home Depot
 - for our USA customers in Lowes
If your ceiling is concrete, then no plywood board is needed. 
The installation of Pegasus can be viewed here: That is how we assemble the gym for our little ones

What floor material is suitable for gym to install on?

The gym can be installed on any floor such as, hardwood, laminate, carpet, or concrete. Do not put any additional stuff under the bottom supports of as gym, e.g. plywood board, rug, etc. It will impact the grip of the gym and might create an additional step that your child can stuck on.

How are payments handled and processed?

All payment information, including Credit Card and Paypal information, is handled through the Shopify architecture. Credit card payments can also be handled through Paypal by selecting Paypal as the payment method on checkout. On your mobile device you also have options to choose Apple Pay or Google Pay depending on what you use. We never have access to any payment information, credit card information, or Paypal information. We are provided with summaries of payment activity, including failure error codes. If your transaction is declined, contact us and we can advise of the possible causes.

Can I track my delivery?

Not only can you track your delivery, but you definitely should! You’ll be able to see when your package has arrived in your town, when it’s out for delivery, when it’s been delivered, and if it’s been held at your post office.

How do I find my tracking number?

Each time a package ships, a shipping notification will be sent via email or SMS text message. The shipping notification will include your tracking number and a link to a tracking website. Following your order we also email you a notification message along with your receipt, shipment tracking, and some additional information. Tracking numbers can also be found in your account if you have created one.

What is your return policy?

Please follow our Return, Refund, and Exchange policy section Return Policy

What is your refund policy?

Please follow our Return, Refund, and Exchange policy section Refund Policy

How to clean indoor playground equipment?

It's a very simple process. Since the structure is made out of metal with powder coating painting, it is very smooth and doesn't have any sharp corners. So, a regular dry and wet cloth will definitely be sufficient.