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Engaging Children's Activities in Toronto

by John Coyle 29 Mar 2019


Indoor fun creates healthy minds and bodies.

As children’s health becomes a topic of greater focus, indoor physical activity is becoming more important for healthy growth and development. Children learn in different ways, and their interests are ever-changing. Children can continue to keep a creative outlook and always be limitless in play. Thus, every indoor play can create a new experience and always lead to fun.


A safe way to play. A different way to learn.

We believe that all children can benefit from running around and pushing the boundaries of what they can do. In this day and age, where smartphones and gadgets have replaced physical challenging activities, children definitely need some good old fashioned play time.


There is no right or wrong way to approach play, and the structures a parent chooses to incorporate into play should reflect that. A child’s imagination is limitless, regardless of what their physical selves are able to do. Left to their own, children can get creative while playing and that means safety needs to be a priority.


Breadth and depth of play options 

For children, learning to play is learning how to relate to others. As children grow and develop, play evolves. Certain types of play are associated with specific age groups, although all types of play occur at any age. Playing is how children interact and explore the world, and different types of play are needed to fully engage a child’s social, physical, and intellectual development.


One engaging equipment. Multiple benefits.

Playful exploration. The joy of learning. And more. Across Canada, Indoor Playground Equipment are helping parents and children discover fun ways to learn and acquire skills. Smartly designed indoor play equipment engage young learners, encourage participation and loads of fun. 

  • Help children reach their full potential
  • Support parents with flexible, inexpensive play options.
  • Enables children to learn new skills in a manner that is playful, rewarding and enriching.


Building skills and self-confidence at every step

The Limikids equipment engages and guides children through a playful, yet structured, customized learning module and helps them progress with a set of advanced skills. As children progress at every stage, they come across challenging obstacles that help them master critical skills and advance to the next level.


Explore Limikids - Canada's Renowned Indoor Play Set Brand.

Are your kids ready for a new playset? Limikids has been in the business of bringing indoor fun to homes and families ever since our inception. We are experts in play, selling play set equipment and specializing in the parts and accessories for children of all ages.

We've been busy creating new products to teach persistence and develop problem-solving skills.
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