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More Information about Indoor Home Playground for Your Kids

by Michael Mezheritsky 24 Sep 2018

Too often we are all looking for ways to keep our kids busy at home. The kids are full of energy. If we do not provide them with .peaceful. ways to use it, their energy may easily become destructive. Nowadays children are spending too much time in front of a computer and TV which greatly reduces their physical activity. What should the tired parents and their bored kids do?


We are all familiar with the mandatory sports devices of from the physical education classes: horizontal bars, gymnastic rings, climbing ropes, rope-ladders, and Swedish (wall-mounted) ladders. Some of us were begging our parents to obtain such devices for our homes so we too could train and become strong and vigorous. As well as to show off in front of our classmates.

Today the full set of these devices is available for purchase at LIMIKIDS store, located at 2100 Steeles Ave W, Unit 4. Children crave physical activity. Today mini-gyms for kids are extremely popular in Europe and North America. The new houses are often built with rooms specifically intended to become mini-gyms. It's a scientifically proven fact that the home gym helps to improve kids health, to get rid of negative emotions while boosting them with joy and a good mood. And there is more: daddy can compete with his son doing chin-ups, and mom may just surprise the entire family going up and down the climbing rope. The key thing is to ensure your kids. security and watch them at least in the beginning until they get familiar with each apparatus. At our store, you can find a large variety of protective floor mats. Using them would put your mind at ease about the well-being of your kids. arms and legs.

So, what are the advantages of using LIMIKIDS sports gear?

    Gymnastic rings help to develop muscles in the upper body. As your kids grow up, their dexterity and sense of equilibrium improve greatly.

    • Trapeze exercises reinforce long and short muscles while enhancing the sense of equilibrium and motor skills. Gradually children become familiar with the technique of rhythmic swinging. Do not forget that kids of ALL ages ADORE swinging
    • Rope-ladder and climbing ropes satisfy the natural need for all kids to climb up and down. Kids climb up to acquire self-esteem and the sense of independence. Gradually, as they become more dexterous, children try to conquer more challenging obstacles.
    • Our modern LIMIKIDS HOME GYM is a unique and comprehensive set of sports gear which is successfully implemented in medical offices and daycare centers all over Europe and North America. Many playrooms at numerous large department stores are equipped with similar devices.



    LIMIKIDS HOME GYM is perfect at keeping kids busy while their parents are getting medical treatments or doing their shopping. It would also be an excellent assisting tool for coaches of various sports and activities.

    Depending on your needs, devices are sold as a full set (Swedish ladder, rope-ladder, gymnastic rings, horizontal bars, climbing ropes, and a trapeze) or as separate items.

    You may also choose to acquire sports sets of a standard height (fits ideally in an apartment or a house) or a customizable model (designed for basements).

    Our inventory is constantly expanding. We carry compact models as well as large sets including the monkey bars.

    Come to visit us with your whole family, pick your own LIMIKIDS HOME GYM and your kids will never again be bored at home

    Give joy and health to your kids.



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