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Benefits of the Indoor Playground and Gym

indoor playground for kids
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It is freezing outside and you don't want your kids to catch a cold, right? What about those summer days when it's far too hot, and the air conditioner is a welcomed relief? Spare the sunburn and UV rays right? You're probably thinking, what activities can my children do inside where the TV won't be the central focus? Consider an indoor playground! sells indoor gyms that take up one square meter of space, fit practically in any available area you have. Even if you live in an apartment, condo, single floor home, or mansion. These gyms keep your kiddos active and motivated. The beauty of the indoor playground gym is that there are so many options ­ the models come equipped with gymnastics rings, climbing ropes, ladders, and swings ­ what child wouldn't love one of those! Aside from the obvious benefits of physical activity, additionally it can also enhance motor skills, analytical thinking, and social skills. Plus, they are just real plain FUN! Your child can pretend you're a monkey in the jungle, or a mountain climber ­ imaginations will soar with an indoor playground!

Children with learning difficulties are also benefiting from indoor playgrounds. Autism, like other conditions at times, makes children more prone to avoiding sports and other athletics thus making them susceptible to obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Enter the indoor gym - refocus their mind and energy on an activity that they see as fun, and you can have the peace of mind knowing that you're helping them stay active. These gyms include a wide age range, most units will hold up to 200 pounds making them interesting for two-year-olds as well as pre­teens and teenagers. Limikids has a great variety of equipment available for ages ranging from three to fourteen.

You can Incorporate games and challenges using the gym, play Peter Pan and pretend to fly on the swings and fight Captain Hook. You could even turn it into a great indoor “tree house” why not, right? Encouragement from the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends will motivate the kids to continue using the indoor gym, greatly increasing their likelihood of staying fit, healthy and continuing that lifestyle as they grow. Children will feel confident when they are praised for their accomplishments.

A big plus of indoor playground is if you don't have an outside area (for ex. downtown apartments, or condos) or even if you don't live next door to a community playground. Having one inside is a great solution! Save on gas, traveling, snacks packing time, clothes, etc - the kids play, then they come to the kitchen for snacks, lunch, or supper, they can go back and play some more. This playground is open round the clock, and every day of the year! It's a great alternative to planning an afternoon or day “trip” to the playground where not only will you have to find something for them to do while in the vehicle to and from, but with a home indoor playground even your bathroom is nearby! Indoor playground is a great investment towards a lifestyle of healthy activity and play.

We supply equipment to all the states in the USA and Canada; you may order through our website or pick­up in our showroom located in Toronto, Ontario.

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