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A Unique Idea for Kids Room

A Unique Idea for Kids Room
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Decorating the kid's room is a process that starts even before the baby is born. And why shouldn't it? Having a baby is the best thing that can happen to a couple and it is only natural to make the best possible arrangements for the new addition. There are many ideas as well as products which are used to decorate room for kids, but the idea of a home based playground beats them all! The indoor home gym equipment will get your kids rolling and jumping in delight.

Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents - if you are looking for a great gift - you'll be delighted to get indoor gym for your children or grands; if it's raining and you don't want to get wet, or if it's snowing and no one wants to be outside chilling with Jack Frost, then this is the answer! Indoor Gyms are well known in Russia and Eastern Europe and the craze is catching on, Canada and the USA have now joined the loop! You may be asking yourself, "An indoor home playground? Would it take up a lot of space?” The answer is no! The base model is less than one square meter and fits perfectly even in an apartment bedroom. Horizontal Bars, climbing ropes, gymnastic rings keep your kiddos playing, climbing and getting healthy! Keep them from sitting on the couch and staring at the TV or playing video games for hours - wouldn't you rather have them exercising in a way that doesn't seem like exercise? One word that can describe this additive for their room to kids it's just - FUN!

A great feature for the indoor home playground provided by Limikids is that it needs no screws or bolts to install, it simply holds itself between ceiling and floor so there are no marks or holes after you disassemble it and then put it up again. (As I'm sure once it's up you will have a hard time getting the children off it) The unit holds up to 200 lbs which is amazing for an indoor gym that takes up only one square meter of floor space! The tubes are extendable so reaching ceiling to floor height isn't an issue, which makes it easy to fit in virtually any living space available. Kid's home gym is great for a spare room, kid's room, basement or even a corner of your child bedroom.

Do you like the idea of your children having their own home playground?

The compact model sells for $419.00; an exceptional value given the return on the benefits of fitness and activity. The indoor gym comes in all the great primary colors combination of green- yellow, red- yellow, and blue-yellow so it will appeal to both girls and boys alike and will go with any room decor. It features different textures like natural wood steps or plastic metal steps covered with plastic to make them more comfortable. Model "Comet" holds a width of only 41.7 inches at the widest part which is not large when you consider this is actually a full "gym".

Whether you are in Canada, USA, we are here to serve you. If you like this idea and want children gym to be delivered to your kids room, contact us or visit our catalogue for picking a model.


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