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Comet Indoor Playset

Jungle GYM for Kids
Comet Indoor Playset
Indoor Playground Equipment
Comet Indoor Playset
Indoor Kids Playground
Indoor Playground for Kids
 Kids Jungle Gym

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42" x 23"
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Unlock your child’s incredible potential with this compact play center

Pressed for space, but still want to treat your children to the challenge and excitement they deserve? Tired of watching the television turn them into little zombies?

The Comet 2 indoor playset gets kids up off the couch, playing together, and having fun for hours at a time. All in the comfort of your own home! This compact play center features a ladder and rope ladder, a horizontal bar with pull-up grips (for the big kid in the house), a trapeze, gymnastic rings,  and a climbing rope all in only 3’ x 3’ (1m x 1m). No more need for a digital babysitter!

How high do my ceilings need to be for this playset?

All of our playsets are adjustable to fit a range of ceiling heights. For taller spaces, the Apartment Model fits ceilings from 7’-8” (2.34m) to 9’-8” (2.95m). The shorter Basement Model is specially designed for lower ceilings, fitting rooms from 6’-9" (2.05m) to 8’-9” (2.64m).

How do I know if this playset can support my children?

All of our playsets are designed, engineered, and manufactured for reliable construction and performance. With proper installation, the playset can carry children up to 220lbs (100kg).

What components are included in this playset?

The Comet 2 playset includes a ladder, horizontal bar with pull-up grips, a rope ladder, a rope trapeze, gymnastic rings, and a climbing rope. All fixed ladder rungs and horizontal bars are metal and covered with a protective soft plastic covering. All rope ladder rungs and trapeze bars are wood.

What is the size and weight of the package or packages?

The Comet 2 playset ships in a flat 2’ x 4’ box, weighing about 65lbs.

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