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How do parents keep it up at these unprecedented times?

How and why these unprecedented times have occurred are out of scope for what this article will cover, so let’s focus on our children. It’s different from what it was before. We all had to adjust our life to a new reality, and at the same time keep our little ones educated, active, and most importantly happy kids having a good childhood.

How would you like to see your children enjoy their sunny and beautiful day? You’ll probably say, at a playground where they can climb like monkeys, swing, and use all kinds of exercise equipment. It’s all very neat! However, today’s repeating lockdowns can’t really let this happen. Children need activity. They must burn energy; consistently develop their body; laugh and have fun. Jungle gym or play gym is the most popular and demanded by all children around the world, and specifically in Canada and the USA.

Even before the pandemic time you couldn’t take your loved ones to an outdoor playground all year round due to weather. Summer is for the whole family to enjoy and spend time outdoors. It’s always nice exploring new things and going on adventures together. But the reality is we have summer, fall, spring, and winter. Making some seasons not too suitable for outside play, especially playgrounds.

Our playsets are designed to be used while you and your kids stay home. Is your child currently at a remote school, siting in their rooms in front of the computer participating in a Zoom meeting with their teacher and other classmates? Are you, parents at the same time working back-to-back in the same living premises? Everyone’s on their own laptop? What is happening when the child has recess? Utilize your living spaces and create your own recess right at home in the best way possible. An indoor playground in your home is the best solution for literally both fun and exercise. Your own indoor park.

The coolest feature is of course the monkey bars, which the play gym revolves around. Monkey bars is something that your child can’t break, and never can get bored of. Some kids even climb on top and like to stay there for a very long time. Not to mention that some of them even grab their pillows and books and hang out up there like their very own treehouse.

And what solution do we have if your kids are still toddlers? Are you looking for indoor climbing toys for toddlers? Not a problem. These kids’ playsets are at the same time jungle gyms for bigger kids, play structure for toddlers, exercise equipment for teenagers. Even some adults can use it.

Is it going to be your basement gym or your living room gym? Whatever you choose, it shall be. It can be installed anywhere. How much space do you need? It depends on the model. But the smallest ones start from approximately 2 by 2 ft.

Explore our jungle gyms; pick the best one that suits your child and your place; have your loved ones enjoy it and have lots of fun!

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