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  • Home Gym for Kids
  • Indoor playground equipment for kids! Sport activities for child at home!
  • Always new models! Delivery across North America!
  • 1 square meter of floor space for basic model! Includes 6 separate components!
  • Easy to assemble! No marks after disassembling!
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Model Castle

Castle - Castle soft playhouse made of soft blocks - for our little ones

Price: 549.00

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Model Woodgym

Wood structure. Two ways of installation - in pressure between ceiling and floor or wall mounting

Price: 495.00

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What are the developmental benefits of LIMIKIDS?


Rings promote upper body muscular development and continuous balance. As our children grow, so does their confidence as they turn around it again and again.


Swinging helps to exercise both small and large muscles, as well as greatly enhance a child's balance and coordination. As kids learn how to 'pump' they gain a sense of accomplishment. Two-child swings encourage socialization and cooperation. And not to mention the fact that children of ALL ages LOVE to swing!


Climbing is a natural activity for kids of all ages. Children climb in order to feel a sense of mastery, accomplishment and independence. As children gain greater control over their feet and hands, they will seek more difficult and complex climbing challenges.

Motor skills and coordination

Activities at indoor play structures such as the LIMIKIDS sport gym for kids, use far more energy still, and will importantly aid the development of arm and shoulder muscles in children thus improving motor skills and coordination which can help with a child's handwriting for example.

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