Dear everyone at Limikids,
We assembled the gym last weekend. The children LOVE it and it has provided wonderful active and creative play. Thanks for helping us through the assembly process and we are very pleased with the final product.
Warm Regards,

Hi Lina
Thank you very much for your wonderful service! I have to tell you that our 2 little girls ages 4 and 6 absolutely LOVE this indoorgym set!! I absolutely love it as I don't have to bundle them up all the time to go outside and play!
Thank you again

Nancy, Winnipeg

Thanks so much Lina for your outstanding service!

Andre, Cangary

As a working mother, it is very difficult for me to take out the time to take my kids out for physical activity in the park. Moreover, the supervision required is simply unachievable. It was my kid who actually told me about this home gym equipment available at Limikids. He must have seen it at one of his friends’ house. Wherever he saw it, it turned out to be a blessing for me. The installation was as easy as it can get and the best part was that I did not have to find a separate space for the equipment. It just fit so well in the bedroom. I am glad I tried Limikids, you should too!

Aileen Rose, New York

Our old house has a monkey bar installed which has been there for many years. We always thought that are kids were getting enough exercise by playing in the lawn and using the monkey bar. It was when I saw a home gym at my neighbor’s house that I realized what my kids were missing out on. It was love at first sight with the awesome gym equipment from Limikids. The best part was that I got multiple playing equipments all in one gym package including rope ladder, climbing rope and gymnastic rings. My eldest son has made good use of the gymnastic rings which have help him improve his game and have resulted in his inclusion in the school gymnastic team. Thank You Limikids!

Sara keller, Canada

I have invested a lot of money on my children’s future especially education. One area where I realized I was lacking was the physical activity area which was greatly restricted by the bad weather in our city. Thanks to Limikids, I now have a home gym installed in my kids’ playroom and they never get tired of playing there!

Alexander Hopkins, Nevada

As soon as my husband got a job in Canada, I knew my kids would be the ones that would be most affected. It not only rains a lot but in winter the cold weather simply becomes unbearable. For kids, this means no going out for fun activities like playing in the park, running and many others. I had heard from a friend that there were home gym equipments available in the market and such equipment would be ideal for mu children. A search on the internet took me to Limikids and today I have no regrets about my decision to buy a home gym and indoor swing sets for my kids.

Suellen Rolley, Canada

Being the mother of 3 kids who are very active and run around the house all day, I have always been worried about their safety. Sending them to park for playing is an even bigger risk because of the lack of facilities both in terms of playing and safety. In such circumstances, home gym was an ideal equipment for my kids. And I am glad Limikids was there to help me out. The gym equipment fit perfectly well in a corner of my kids’ bedroom. The variety of exercise options meant my kids had actually a greater variety of exercises to enjoy than they actually did at the park. I am so happy that Limikids was there to help me give my children a childhood to remember!

Jina Austin, Ontario, Canada

Great product. Thank you.

John (Alberta)

I collected all three packages, put together the gym and the kids have been enjoying it very much. Thanks for following up.

Laura (Whitehorse, Yukon)

Thanks LIMIKIDS, our kids are very excited.

Alex, Montreal

Indoor Gym for KidsA few months ago I purchased an indoor home gym for my children. My kids love it and never get bored during those rainy days while getting great exercise. Limikids offers exceptional customer service and their staff are very responsive to the customer's needs. I was so impressed with their products and the company that I decided to become their representative in the United States.

Referral Agent,
Margarita (San Francisco, USA)

Sport complex is very nice. Surprisingly there were not extra and no missing parts :). Instruction manual was good. Picture shows thousands words and there was lots of pictures. Kids enjoying it very much and we are quite happy and satisfied with your product.

Tatyana (Fall River, Nova Scotia)

Thank you for your great idea to acquire this indoor complex for the basement. Now that area has become very popular for my son, which benefited by helping to keep the family room neat. He and his friends play on the complex every day for an hour or two.

Natalie (Richmond Hill)

Professional service, great quality, and lots of options for my children. I am grateful that I found this company and purchased the sport complex for my children. Good luck guys!

Alex and Vika (Thornhill Woods)

We have received the two boxes with equipment. We are happy we got the kids gym and are looking forward to installing it and start playing with it.

Araceli (St. Louis, United States)

Dear Limikids. Thank you very much for your great effort in getting this product to me. I am very satisfied and will definetley tell my friends about it. Thanks

Shai Zhabotinsky (Thornhill)

Very good sport equipment. Our kids liked it from first day we put it in our appartments. Now all their friends come to visit us and play on Limikids tool. Thanks a lot.

Michael (Richmond Hill)

Great complex! We were looking for this product in Toronto for many years. Our kids spend a lot of time on this device. For the winter season it is a great asset that we could use for our children.

Maxim (Toronto)

Thanks for the great service! We are very happy that we have this product because it made our kids more active and less lazy. Thanks!!!

Ronen and Dalia (Toronto)

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