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Jupiter Indoor Playset (Pegasus + Spider Net)

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Indoor Climbing for Kids

78" x 76"
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When is it expected to be back in stock?

As you see Jupiter is a combination of Pegasus and SpiderNet. Although SpiderNet would be a great addition to Pegasus, we are currently looking at several months from now to get SpiderNet back in stock. For now you can consider to purchase Pegasus and add SpiderNet at a later stage.

If you'd like to be added to a waiting list for SpiderNet please let us know at contact us and we'd be happy to announce once it's hereĀ šŸ™‚

Get even more with your indoor playgym for your little ones

How to make your kids off spendingĀ all day in front of the television, playing video games, or on their phones. Or maybe you're looking for the same challenge and excitement as an outdoor playground, but closer to home.

TheĀ Jupiter indoor playset comesĀ  with all the fun, excitement, and challenge of an outdoor playground, in the comfort of your own home. Featuring Spider Net, monkey bars, a rope ladder, a pair of gymnastics rings, and more, it's the perfect place to spend a rainy day for children both young and old.

How high do my ceilings need to be for this playset?

All of our playsets are adjustable to fit a range of ceiling heights. For taller spaces, the Apartment Model fits ceilings from 7ā€™-8ā€ (2.24m) to 9ā€™-8ā€ (2.95m). The shorter Basement Model is specially designed for lower ceilings, fitting rooms from 6ā€™ 9" (2.05m) to 8ā€™-9ā€ (2.64m).

How do I know if this playset can support my children?

All of our playsets are designed, engineered, and manufactured for reliable construction and performance. With proper installation, theĀ Jupiter playset can carry children up to 220lbs (100kg).

What components are included in this playset?

TheĀ Jupiter playset includes a ladder, a curved ladder, monkey bars (brachiationĀ bars), a rope ladder, a horizontal / chin-up bar, a basketball net with backboard, gymnastic rings, a hanging trapeze bar, a climbing rope, and a most useful Spider Net. It's a challenge, but kids love it :)

What is the size and weight of the package or packages?

TheĀ Jupiter playset ships in three (3) flat boxes, two of which are approximately 2' x 4' and weighing 65lbs. TheĀ third box is smaller, weighing only 29lbs and measuring 9" x 4'.

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