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Jungle Dome

LIMIKIDS Jungle Dome
LIMIKIDS Jungle Dome with a Kid
LIMIKIDS Jungle Dome with Kids
LIMIKIDS Jungle Dome Monkey Bars
$ 710.00 USD

78" x 34"
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The jungle is calling - will you answer the call?

Hanging from a branch like a monkey, scaling the tallest trees like a panther or leopard, and swinging from a vine like Tarzan - the jungle has everything a child needs to grow up strong, and capable, with great balance and incredible agility. And now you can bring the jungle home: Tarzan himself never had it so good!

The Jungle Dome indoor playset has everything for your own little wild animal. The play gym features monkey bars, a climbing rope, a swing, an more. Everything you need to keep your little Tarzans happy when they can’t play outside.

How high do my ceilings need to be for this playset?

All of our playsets are adjustable to fit a range of ceiling heights. The Jungle Dome is available in Apartment height, and fits ceilings from 7’-10” (2.4m) to 9’-6” (2.9m).

How do I know if this playset can support my children?

All of our playsets are designed, engineered, and manufactured for reliable construction and performance. With proper installation, the Jungle Dome playset can carry children up to 200lbs (90kg).

What components are included in this playset?

The Jungle Dome playset includes a straight ladder, a rope ladder, a round-rung ladder, monkey bars, high chin-up bar, a climbing rope, and a swing. All fixed ladder rungs and horizontal bars are metal and covered with a protective soft plastic covering. All rope ladder rungs and trapeze bars are wood.

What is the size and weight of the package or packages?

The Jungle Dome playset ships in two (2) flat boxes, approximately 2' x 4' and weighing 60lbs.

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