Home Playground Equipment

Home Playground Equipment

No parent would deny the importance of having a safe playing area for their kids. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out the reasons why you should have a home playground for your kids - it is safe, it is fun, it's a new addition to their toy collection and above all, it's a brilliant way to keep them in shape and healthy while they are close to you - you see what they are doing all the time and you can be calm.

The greatest benefit of ordering home playground is that you can choose models, based on the needs of your family and children age. You will either install it yourself or had a professional install it, hopefully with you observing the installation. This means you consider safety from the perspective of a parent.

And wouldn't you just love to maintain the home playground to your specifications? You know longer have to check what is available in the nearest daycare or public school, you can get your own customized playground equipment right there inside your home!

To safeguard your kids from falls, you can monitor the equipment yourself and like a day care centre, you don't have to wait for an accident to pay attention that your equipment isn't tight or not in a save mode. You can check it ones in a while and maintain your children home gym equipment. Remember, part of Limikids home gym equipment are mats, you may consider ordering it with the unit and place under the gym complex.

Now that you know how having your own home playground is the ultimate in kids' toys, you can check out the equipments we have in stock. Check out the Pegasus 4.04 and Pegasus 4.06. It is a complete setup with multiple forms of exercises for your kid. It can take a maximum load of 100 kg which means you can safely have all your kids using it simultaneously. The best part is that you can attach it to the ceiling as well which gives it greater stability and hence, greater safety. Make sure you decide on which type of rungs to use. The wood rungs will give a more natural feel but in the end it's about the preference of your children. Don't forget to consider ceiling height according to the space available in your room.

The Comet and Olympian provide similar facilities and you can always modify them to suit your own requirements. And with the 100x100x10 cm mat, you stay assured that your kids won't be in any danger of an injury. So give your kids a chance to stay fit and enjoy their youthfulness to the best of their potential!

Remember how the rainy day could be so devastating for you as a kid? Not because you didn't like the weather, but because the rain took all the fun out of your daily activities and you were left stranded at home with nothing to do. Now your children do not have to go through the same; they can have their own home playground!

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