Home Gym for Kids

Home Gym for Kids

What is the idea behind home gym for kids? Physical activity is a vital part of their growing up - no parents would like their children to be deprived of this essential part of their lives. At Limikids we understand the importance of giving the kids freedom using their great energy and providing opportunity to develop their muscles. In order to ensure that your kids blossom into an adult who is physically fit and mentally tough, you need to provide them with a training that ensures these personality traits. Nothing can do this better than a game that provides a platform for the children to not only flex their muscles but also utilize their free time in a fun activity.

With our home gym for kids, we provide you with everything you need to contribute to your kid's growth. First and foremost, our equipment is one of the safest on north American market. We know how important the safety of your kid to you and because of this consideration our children home gym playground is best selling in North America. With our Pegasus and Comet models, all you need is just a little corner of the room and you can have it installed there without any hassle. You do not need a separate room to install our gym which means you can either have it in the kids' bedroom or in the playing room.

The equipment is made up of metal, as you would expect, so that it is strong enough to hold the weight of your kids. That however does not mean the metal is a healthiest material. The manufacture has covered the metal with plastic so that there is no hard surface that your children can bump against during play.

The Comet model that is available for $445 to $465 comes in two types that can be installed either in an apartment or in a basement. The Vertical metal ladder, rope ladder, horizontal bar, climbing rope, gymnastic rings and trapeze are all available in one equipment set so that your children can enjoy the activity all at one place. Now your kids can do any activity they are interested in - everything they want is already included! The home gym is built to keep your children fit and none of the activities are too hectic so you don't have to fear the kids overdoing it.

Pegasus model is modified in such a way that it has a number of exercises in addition to the ones that The Comet offers. The extra activities include Horizontal metal ladder, monkey bars, curved ladder, swing, basketball ring and climbing rope. This model is a great investment into your children's health, especially considering its price - $849 only. With both these models, you are bound to get a safe and healthy playing experience for your kids. The modular home gym for kids is easy to install and you can always make modifications on it later as your kid grows up!

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