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Indoor Playground

Indoor Kids Gym With the cold weather forcing us all indoors, do you long for those days when you could take the kids to the playground and let them exercise away their boundless energy? LIMIKIDS HOME GYM thinks they just may have a solution for the winter blues—an indoor playground for your home or apartment.

Limikids is sold as either a full set (Swedish ladder, rope-ladder, gymnastic rings, horizontal bars, climbing ropes, and a trapeze) or as separate items and will fit either standard height (fits in an apartment or a house) or a customizable model (designed for basements). LimiKids carries compact models as well as large sets including the monkey bars. The set is easily installed and disassembled without markings, making it an ideal solution for rentals. Home Indoor Children Playground

The gym center is constructed of sturdy metal tubes which are securely held against floor and ceiling. Up to eight pieces of sport equipment can be installed on this assembly.

The company says that LimiKids is an ideal alternative to video games and TV as a fun way to stay active and fit while having fun. They even come with 'kiddie exercise' routines. The basic compact model is $329 and the more complex jungle gym sells for $769.

Or you can wait for spring...

Like with any gym equipment, we don't recommend leaving your children unsupervised.

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